Sjobergs For you and the joy of creativity

1 For you and the joy of creativity

2 It’s undoubtedly a special feeling to unpack a new workbench, isn’t it? The scent of wood spreading slowly, taking hold of the room, and the possibilities that reveal themselves once the bench is in place. A new history of craftsmanship begins here and now, in which a workbench will promote creation through lives and generations. We have developed our range for over 100 years, and over that time our branded logo has become an international stamp of quality for sustainable workbenches. Congratulations on your new bench, but above all, we wish you many, many years filled with the joy of creating. Anders Olsson CEO, Sjöbergs Workbenches


4 Since 1922 we have helped to bring out the joy of creativity in people. That feeling of accomplishment that comes from creating or fixing something yourself. Our woodworking benches are still our signature product, but over the years we have expanded our offering with a wider range of workbenches, tools, and other accessories to help you in your creative endeavors. Sjöbergs is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional craft benches. We make them by hand at our factory in Stockaryd, just as we have done for the past 100 years. The path to the joy of creating can be both winding and straightforward, but exploring or challenging one’s own process is usually the right way. Experience the joy of creativity


6 A century of wood, gold and craftmanship Axel Sjöberg was a trainee carpenter with a passion for furniture. In 1922, he followed his vision and founded Sjöbergs to start making his own furniture from the upstairs floor of his family home. The village became interested in his woodwork, and the orders soon increased. Hilding Gunnarsson, master carpenter in Axel Sjöberg’s carpentry workshop. OUR STORY

7 To be able to meet all orders, Axel had to move out from the upstairs floor and build a small carpentry workshop elsewhere on the property. From there, he manufactured everything from furniture and water pumps to car parts made of wood. After ten years in the workshop, Axel made his first carpenter bench, which later became the Sjöbergs hallmark. Swedish schools began to order benches during the 1950s. At that time, Axel’s sons took over the company and built a new factory to rationalize production. In addition to the benches, in the factory they manufactured kitchen and church furniture, as well as stairs. In 1959, one of the sons went to the United States to show a miniature carpenter’s bench to a curious audience. The interest was so great that a full-scale carpenter’s bench was sent across the Atlantic and it eventually ended up at a design exhibition in Sacramento. And what a success it was – a gold medal for good design, and a completely new market for Sjöbergs. The carpenter’s bench in miniature format that made its way across the Atlantic. OUR STORY Above left: Loading the carpenters benches to be sent on their way to Ethiopia in 1968. Bottom left: Torsten Sjöberg next to the then bestselling BS122. Right: In 1960, the carpenters bench that won the gold award for good design was exhibited in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

8 Sjöbergs is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional craft benches. At the factory in Stockaryd, our manufacturing process pays attention to each and every detail, and has done so for a hundred years.

9 During the 1960s, sales of carpenter’s benches gained momentum and almost 30,000 benches were manufactured per year. Sjöbergs also carried out a project with Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, which resulted in sending 1,850 carpenter’s benches to schools in Ethiopia. Sjöbergs continues to grow – one of Axel’s grandchildren has joined the company, the factory is growing in size, and the range is expanding with furniture, wall bars, playground equipment, handicraft, and much more. After the turn of the millennium, Sjöbergs receives the majority of new customers in the US market, including a historic order worth SEK 12 million. For 17 years, Sjöbergs was owned by various investment companies, but reverted to being a family business in 2006 with Jan Möllefors as CEO and Johan Sjöberg as chair of the board. In addition to streamlining operations, they are investing in personnel and modern technology. Furthermore, a new product range for textile handicrafts is being launched, which means that Sjöbergs can deliver complete wood and textile handicraft classrooms. Sjöbergs changed its name to Sjöbergs Workbenches AB and has subsequently been acquired by Idun Industrier AB. The goal is to continue to develop the company and strengthen the brand, as well as to inspire creativity all over the world. Production is still based in Stockaryd, Sweden, and the range has been refined over more than 100 years. Sjöbergs is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional handicraft benches. We’re now looking at how we can create good conditions for the joy of creating for future generations over centuries to come. The gold medal that Sjöbergs was awarded during the design exhibition in Sacramento in 1959. OUR STORY

10 Made in Perhaps you’ve never heard about where we come from. That’s understandable. We come from Stockaryd, a small community in Sweden with about 1,000 inhabitants. For a whole century, we’ve developed and grown in the same place where Sjöbergs was once born. Today, our products are available in more than 35 countries, and the craftsmanship from that small community in Sweden has become a foundation for creative people all over the world.

11 Sweden

12 RESPONSIBILITY & SUSTAINABILITY In the factory, we take care of the entire manufacturing process from timber to finished workbench. The benches are completely recyclable and manufactured with care to give you a product that you can rely on for a long time. You will always get a 10-year guarantee when you buy a workbench from us, even though you’ll probably never have to use it. Designing for circularity As a user of our workbenches, you also contribute to our sustainability philosophy. Maybe you’d rather create something yourself than buy something new, or fix things instead of throwing them away. We’ve got your back! At Sjöbergs, we encourage second-hand markets and feel proud when our workbenches are inherited through generations because we know that’s the ultimate proof of the quality we deliver.

13 RESPONSIBILITY & SUSTAINABILITY Carpenters bench from 1878, made on a farm in Hylletofta, outside Stockaryd. Even today, manufacturing takes place at the factory in Stockaryd, and although production has become more efficient thanks to modern machines, much is still done by hand.

14 We manufacture our products from FSC-labelled wood and our motto is that quality requires time and detail. That’s why it takes months and hundreds of components to make a really good workbench. One that ages with style and grace, and can be handed down from generation to generation. For us, it’s important that we deliver products and services at the right time with the right quality. We will work to achieve an internal and external environment that’s good for our employees and our surroundings. We’re working to improve our ISO systems and our FSC® system. We must comply with all legislation, and the traceability standard within FSC® has to be followed in respect of all the timber we buy. Our employees must feel a natural responsibility for the environment. From timber to finished workbench Environment and quality policy RESPONSIBILITY & SUSTAINABILITY

15 FSC is an international, non-profit organization whose main goal is to guarantee sustainable forestry. That’s why the FSC has developed worldwide standards for forestry, which has led to a significant proportion of the world’s forests now being managed in an exemplary manner. The FSC symbol is there to show you as a consumer that the wood product has been produced through sustainable forestry or the considerate exploitation of forest resources. FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® RESPONSIBILITY & SUSTAINABILITY We want to do good – for you and for the environment. That’s why sustainable forestry is a natural part of our manufacturing process.

16 Our workbenches are designed to accompany you throughout your life: From your first class in the school’s workshop to those small DIY projects at home and the really big projects at work, there is a Sjöbergs workbench to suit your needs. Whether you’re an amateur woodworker, a keen DIY-er or a professional, we provide you with the best possible base for your creativity! For your creative endeavors OUR OFFER

17 Schools & education Hobby & creativity Joinery & craft

18 JOINERY & CRAFT A workspace to love Every minute in the workshop should feel relaxing, organized and productive. Every detail of the workbenches we manufacture makes a difference in the workshops they’re used in – and we’ve been producing them with pride them for 100 years. We are still convinced that a solid, handmade workbench gives any craftsman the best possible foundation to reach their full potential.

19 JOINERY & CRAFT For a professional craftsman, each and every detail is important, and virtually every single step calls for precision. A workstation needs to work really well so you can maintain focus and achieve high quality. That’s why Sjöbergs exists. A Sjöbergs workbench can bring order to any creative space, and also be part of the overall order in any well-organized workshop. If you’re looking for even better organization and a freer workspace, you can combine the workbench with one of our smart storage modules. When we make workbenches for professionals like you, we carefully select the materials and put even more into the manufacturing to ensure top quality. Our workbenches are built to last a lifetime. You should never need to replace our workbenches – and after using one, you’ll never want to. Even if you’re not a professional craftsman or carpenter, a professional workbench at home is never out of place. It not only looks great and conveys a sense of professionalism, it also gives you a stable work surface for projects of any size. Our most popular products Sjöbergs Original 1900 + SM05 Sjöbergs Cutting table, complete These products are selected favorites among people in joinery and crafts. Sjöbergs Elite 2000 + SM04 Item no. 35003 Item no. 35008 Item no. 33080 Our professional benches are for real connoisseurs, people who value quality and spend many hours a day in the creative trades.

JOINERY & CRAFT Sjöbergs Elite Are you looking for a more reliable and smarter workplace? Discover Sjöbergs Elite, an exclusive premium range of our absolute finest workbenches, designed and manufactured by professionals, for professionals. The benches are made of solid beech, treated with oil, and are available in three different sizes. SM04 – Storage module Sjöbergs Clamping platform Sjöbergs Elite 2000 Sjöbergs Elite 2000 + Clamping Platform + SM04 Item no. 33458 Item no. 33464 Item no. 33467 Three steps to perfection  10 year warranty for all workbenches and the storage modules  Made in Sweden You can complement your Elite bench with several smart accessories to create a workplace that suits you and your needs perfectly. The clamping platform extends the bench to a length of 2425 mm and creates a bigger working surface. The bench dog holes in the Elite are 25,4 mm. 2. 1. + + 3. 20

JOINERY & CRAFT See more models and accessories at Sjöbergs Elite 1500 Sjöbergs Elite 2000 Sjöbergs Elite 1500 + Sjöbergs Clamping Platform Sjöbergs Elite 2000 + Sjöbergs Clamping Platform Sjöbergs Elite 1500 + SM07 Sjöbergs Elite 1500 + SM07 + Sjöbergs Clamping Platform Sjöbergs Elite 2000 + SM04 + Sjöbergs Clamping Platform Sjöbergs Elite 1500 + SM03 Sjöbergs Elite 2000 + SM04 Item no. 33246 Item no. 33458 Item no. 35023 Item no. 35024 Sjöbergs Elite 1500 + SM03 + Sjöbergs Clamping Platform Item no. 35021 Item no. 35002 Item no. 35022 Item no. 35005 Item no. 35001 Item no. 35003 21

Your workshop should be a place where you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a little while. A place where you can relax and focus on being creative. Making, shaping, finishing – it’s almost a meditative experience. When you have a comfortable workspace, limitations become possibilities and you have room to develop – something you will experience with a Sjöbergs bench. While the end result is important, the creative process itself is an equally important part of the experience. After all, part of the joy of creating is watching the progress of the project step by step, and following the development of your own knowledge and experience. Our product range includes high-quality hand-assembled workbenches for projects of all types and sizes. Take your creativity to the next level HOBBY & CREATIVITY Sjöbergs workbenches enable creativity in all its forms. Whether you’re renovating your home, repairing something that’s broken, making clothes or carving a carefully selected workpiece, seeing the end result always brings a sense of satisfaction. And to achieve the best results, you need to give yourself the best conditions with a sturdy and carefully crafted workbench. While the end result is important, the creative process itself is an equally important part of the experience 22

A sturdy workbench, carefully considered down to the finest detail and fitted with the best holding and fastening options, provides you with a stable, reliable workspace day in, day out, year after year. Naturally, our range also includes smaller workbenches, which offer the same robust feel and last for a very, very long time. Whichever model you choose, a Sjöbergs workbench will take your projects to the next level. Our most popular products Sjöbergs Smart Workstation Pro Sjöbergs Multi Function Bench 1060 These are a few of our favorites – chosen and loved by many handy creatives. Sjöbergs Nordic 1450 + Storage module 0042 Item no. 35011 Item no. 33309 Item no. 33820 23 HOBBY & CREATIVITY

24 SCHOOLS & EDUCATION From school projects to greater heights Many of us start our creative journey in the school’s woodwork or textile arts room. Perhaps you remember the smell of sawdust and soldered wood, or your parents smiles when they unwrapped your first creation as a present. Our bench tops and storage cabinets have been a natural feature in creative classrooms for decades. Your first craft memories might have even been made on a Sjöbergs bench. 24 Even if the creations from craft lessons at school are what you mostly remember, the lessons are about so much more than just the finished product. The creative classroom not only served as a break from text and exercise books, it was also a place that you could put mathematics and problem-solving skills into practice. For many of us, the creative classroom at school is where our interest in crafts was first awakened. It’s a place where students have a chance to design and create, and to develop skills that are important in working life. A well-equipped creative classroom needs to be a safe, secure environment where students can work at their own stations, in peace and quiet. An ergonomic workplace is important, no matter how young the students are.

25 SCHOOLS & EDUCATION Our most popular products Sjöbergs Original 1100, 4-station Sjöbergs Sewing machine table, with electrical lift These products are selected favorites among people in schools and education. Sjöbergs Elite 1500 + SM03 Item no. 35001 Item no. 33070 Item no. 33076 25 Our range of bench tops for school environments includes vertically adjustable stands, so the work surface can be tailored to the height of the students. Over the years, we have developed our product range in collaboration with woodworking and textile arts teachers. The range has been extended to include machines, functional storage cabinets, sewing tables and carpentry benches. Today, we can deliver individual products, as well as complete creative classrooms to drawn specifications. Ongoing crafts lesson in a Sjöbergs equipped classroom in Bor, Sweden.

26 Tilted shelf Drawer on roll bar 64 mm Drawer 107 mm Drawer on roll bar 96 mm Drawer 203 mm Frame and interior are made of birch plywood The interior side panels are predrilled making the drawers and shelves adjustable Shelf Pocket doors. Choose from birch, white- board or glass Once the cabinets are in place, you can rearrange the interior however and whenever you like if your needs change over time. Here you will find drawers, holders, smart dividers and compartments that create order and clarity for materials, devices, tools and machines. Sjöbergs storage cabinets You can find our storage cabinets in workshops, carpentry shops and, above all, in woodworking classrooms throughout Europe. Our upright cabinets are multifunctional and can be furnished in many different ways, enabling you to create your own perfect storage solutions. STORAGE CABINETS

27 Selection of storage cabinets and accessories The doors are equipped with cylinder locks and pocket door hinges so that the doors can be hidden in a pocket next to the exterior walls of the cabinets when opened, saving you space and avoiding the use of swinging doors. STORAGE CABINETS Sjöbergs Cabinet 1, birch doors, woodworking proposal Sjöbergs Cabinet 1, glass/birch doors, textile proposal Sjöbergs Cabinet 2 Sjöbergs Cabinet 3 Sjöbergs Cabinet 1, whiteboard/ birch doors Item no. 33005 Item no. 33027 Item no. 33031 Item no. 33041 Item no. 33018 A robust, attractive and clever cabinet for versatile storage. Frame are made of 18 mm birch plywood which provides stability and durability. Doors are available in birch laminate and fitted with 170 degree oven hinges. The interior consists of 4 fixed and 4 adjustable shelves in 18 mm birch plywood. Including skirting board the cupboard has a height of 2100 mm, depth 490 mm and width 1000 mm. If you want to add height, you can use Cabinet 3 which is 500 mm high. It fits Cabinets 1, 2 and 4. Robust, stable and functional as Cabinet 1 with doors in birch fitted with 170 degree oven hinges. Shelves in 18 mm birch plywood. A robust, attractive and clever cabinet for versatile storage. Frame and interior are made of 18 mm birch plywood which provides stability and durability. Doors are available in birch. See more models and accessories at

28 Upgrade your workbench Whether you’re a hobbyist, home DIY enthusiast or professional, you can supplement your workbench as well as your workplace with our accessories. ACCESSORIES If you’re unsure of which accessories go with your workbench, we also have packaged accessory kits that include safety trays, metal anvils and bench clamps for several of our models. Jaw cushions, adhesive Jaw Protectors in rubberized cork. Protect the vise jaws and your workpiece. Universal anvil metal, for metal working. ST11 Holdfast, clamps around 360°. Jaw cushions, adhesive Jaw Protectors in rubberized cork. Protect the vise jaws and your workpiece. Universal anvil metal, for metal working. ST03 Holdfast, clamps around 360°. Accessory kit: Original 1900 Accessory kit: Multi Function Bench 1060 Nordic Pro 1400 Nordic 1450, Junior-Senior Item number 33829 Item number 33316 SJÖBERGS ACCESSORY KITS SJÖBERGS ACCESSORY KITS

29 ACCESSORIES Choose from our specially made tools Item no. 33465 Item no. 33520 Item no. 33425 Item no. 33710 Item no. 33362 Item no. 33637 Item no. 33420 Item no. 33510 Item no. 33291 Item no. 33639 Item no. 33383 Item no. 33500 Item no. 33290 Item no. 33635 Item no. 33494 Item no. 33490 We have everything from tools, holdfasts and bench dogs to file clamps and jaw cushions. Height adjusting feet Wooden stool, stackable Vise with anvil Mitre box 48 Tool rack Holdfast ST03 Table vise holder Sculptor´s mallet Bench dogs, square ST11 Holdfast Jaw cushions, front vise Wooden mallet Bench dogs, round QSH Holdfast Tool savers, Elite File clamp

30 Sjöbergs Elite 2000 + SM04 + Clamping Platform Item no. 35005


32 XXXXXXXXXXXX We want more people to experience the joy of creating in life. It’s a feeling that’s not easy to describe because it’s usually unique and found somewhere in the individual creative process. That’s why we asked three designers about what the joy of creating is and what it means to them. Sharing the joy of crafting CREATIVES

33 CREATIVES Scan to read the full article about Oskar. “For me, the type of wood has always been secondary. At times, I may feel inclined to work only with plywood, but then I suddenly end up in a love bubble with Swedish pine, hardwood, mahogany or something else.” Oskar Boström Oskar Boström is a craftsman, photographer and designer who inspires others through his social media. Follow Oskar on @oskarsnickrar

34 CREATIVES Scan to read the full article about Sonja. “When my classroom is full of materials and things that my colleagues gasp as they’re passing by – that’s when I really thrive. I feel happy that I can share the creation with my students, and when I create myself at home instead, I experience more of a calming feeling.” Sonja Stankovic Sonja Stankovic is a textile craft teacher and offers creative inspiration to both her colleagues and fellow creatives. Follow Sonja on @sonjaskreativakaos

35 CREATIVES “There are many different methods to accomplish almost any task. I think it’s important to keep an open mind to different ways of doing things. No matter how much we think we may know, there is always something else worth learning or something new worth trying.” Jim Hamilton Jim Hamilton has spent the last 10 years teaching woodworking tips to thousands of viewers. Follow Jim on his YouTube channel Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal. Scan to read the full article about Jim.

36 Taking care of your Sjöbergs workbench! If you take proper care of your workbench it can be used for generations! Here is some advice to ensure that your bench works to your complete satisfaction. Climate Wood is a hygroscopic material with the ability to emit and absorb moisture from the surrounding air and materials. As a result, the wood swells or shrinks, depending on the atmospheric humidity. The moisture content of the wood strives to maintain equilibrium with the surrounding climate. During dry periods, gaps might arise between boards, and “dishing” occurs. During moist periods, on the other hand, the boards press tightly together and a slight “cupping” can occur. Therefore, it’s important that you keep your workbench where the relative humidity, RH, can be kept between 40 and 55% all year around. You can measure the RH with a hygrometer. If the RH is lower than 40% you should add moisture to the room and if it’s more than 55%, you need to dehumidify. Creativity requires time. Make sure that your workbench last as long as your creativity. MAINTENANCE

37 Oiling For our naturally oiled beech benches, for instance Sjöbergs Elite and Sjöbergs Scandi, it is important to oil them regularly. You can tell rather easily when the need arises because the surface will feel dry and absorb liquids. Any glue and paint residues should be scraped off the surface. Sand the surface lightly with a 120 Grit sandpaper and then apply a colourless natural oil for wood with a sponge or cloth. Be sure to remove any excess oil before it dries. When the oil has hardened/dried (after about 10 hours), you can polish the surface with a cloth. If only cleaning the oiled surface, use a superfatted soap with pH 8–9. Lubrication of spindles The spindles in both the front and end vice are made of metal and need to be oiled regularly. Lubricate the spindle and move the vice back and forth a few times! Lacquer If you have a lacquered bench from the factory, you should only use lacquer. At our factory we use a water-based lacquer. Stability Our benches are delivered partially disassembled so not to be too bulky for shipping. After the bench is assembled, you should check that the connections are tight. Some bench models have a guide that can be adjusted when necessary. (See assembly instructions). If you want the bench to be more stable, you can fix the bench to the floor through the predrilled holes in the feet. MAINTENANCE


39 See you anytime, anywhere! On our website you’ll find everything you need to know about our products and much more. You can access our latest news, get an overview of our retailers around the world, and find inspiration for your creative endeavors. If you’re looking for further inspiration, you can follow @sjobergsworkbenches on Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to

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